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At Yeager Public Adjusting we represent South Jersey homeowners by preparing, estimating, and negotiating property damage claims on your behalf.

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Public Adjuster in New Jersey

How We Can Help?

Dealing with insurance companies in New Jersey is difficult and time consuming. We help you navigate the claims process with your insurance company start to finish.

Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

Do you really have the knowledge and understanding?

Depending on the type of damage you suffer in your home and the extent, the claims adjusting process cannot only be a confusing one but lengthy. Our team is experienced in handling these types of claims and understands how best to work with Insurance companies and streamline the process. We represent only you, not the insurance company, to get your claim quickly resolved. We serve all of Southern New Jersey including, Linwood, Northfield, Atlantic City and all of the shore down to Cape May.

Insurance Adjustment in Atlantic City

Bad things happen in life. It can be a horrible and stressful experience when something bad happens to you. During those hard times, you need someone to help you get through it. This is especially true when dealing with insurance companies. They will be doing everything they can to minimize how much they have to payout. This is especially true when dealing with large loss claims. During these situations, is essential to have a professional there with you to fight against the insurance company. You want a private insurance adjuster who knows what they are doing and can win for you.

The large loss adjustment process can be difficult and time-consuming. Having a professional help you minimize the burden you have. This is especially true when you’re also dealing with the loss or damage of your property. You don’t want to have both of these things weighing you down at the same time. This is where having someone experienced in large loss claims helps.

Emergency 24-Hour Service