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Why Hire A Public Insurance Adjuster?

What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is a professional claims handler who advocates for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating a claimant's insurance claim.

A "Company" or "independent" adjuster works for the insurance carriers and can only legally represent the rights of an insurance company. They are paid to look out for the best interest of the carrier. A Public Adjuster is hired to level the playing field looking out for the homeowners best interest, settling the highest payout possible based on the buildings policy coverage.

Should I talk to a public adjust prior to my insurance company?

"I always tell people, call me first. I offer free inspections of what you’re dealing with and what you can expect handling it on your own or with YPA representing you. You don’t always need a public adjuster on a claim and I never ask to be hired unless I know for certain that I can add value to your claim settlement. If it’s a simple issue, I offer a recommended clean up company or I sometimes suggest not opening a claim at all." - Leo Yeager, Owner


A public adjuster knows the confusing world of insurance claim settlements. We are claims experts! We are familiar with insurance policy terminology and coverage. Our teams are trained and licensed to handle complicated and difficult claims.  Plus, a public adjuster often has more experience in claims management than the representative working for your insurance company. This experience enables us to efficiently and successfully advocate on your behalf to ensure you get the most value from your policy.

Yes we can. We can help you even if you think you have been fully reimbursed.  The insurance companies keep as much of your money as possible.  And because they have unlimited resources, an immense amount of insider knowledge, and very little oversight, they can easily retain large percentages without you ever even noticing.

Public adjusters are paid out of the insurance proceeds when you receive your settlement.  There are no out of pocket expenses for our services.

We have successfully helped people that were completely denied coverage.  We work to make sure you were treated fairly and it won’t cost you a thing to have us look into it and make sure.

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